Monday, January 12, 2009

The Wolfmen - Special Origin Issue


Welcome, welcome, welcome to the ever expanding world of The Wolfmen. Where today live and online for the first time - The Wolfies are blasting their brand new blog into cyberspace..

The blog is a site set to run with the established pack of Wolf-based websites , Myspace, youtube - but promises to be an online goldmine for interviews, info, airings of rarities, alt.takes, outtakes, demo's, works-in-progress, vid clip's, behind the scenes peeks at future projects and what's a'popping and prowling over at Wolfmen Central.

You'll hear the hottest news as it happens straight from the wolf's mouth, have a platform to get involved with the band, and leave your votes, views, comments or opinions on taste tests and sound samples of new tracks and treats.

But, for now as this is the 'virgin' post on this newest of new blogs - and the flavour of the day is 'first timers' let's hear a few first responses from The Wolfmen themselves...

Where and when was the first gig you played with Marco or Chris and what are your memories of it..

Marco - I think the first gig we ever did together was Hammersmith Odeon and the first of the Vive Le Rock tour, Chris had been playing with Adam for about TWO years before that, but I wasn't in the band.

Chris -First ever gig with with Marco was with Adam. I was on bass and backing vox, and think it was on November 4th 1982 at the Gaumont Southampton.

We'd played the Conference Centre, Brighton the night before, and were staying at the Grand Hotel (famously bombed by the IRA in 1984) . We always had a party after the gig, but this night was Adam's birthday celebration, so it was a full on party night and things got out of hand - dashing about in Brighton to some clubs, back to the hotel party and then out again - but finally back in the wee hours, to find a few tense band members telling me that something really bad had happened and Cha Burns who was on guitar (sadly now deceased) had broken his wrist and was in hospital. I thought they were joking, but come the morning I found out he had broken his wrist.

Apparently Cha was in a bit of a party mood and decided to put table upon table and get on top of them so he could get a picture of him with his ' old boy ' out next to a painting of the Queen, well, he fell and broke his wrist .. that's what I was told anyway ... So Adam was pretty pissed off in the morning, and all of us got a stern word of warning from the Manager or Tour Manager saying to take it easy on the drink, and not to take the piss. Adam put out an SOS call to Marco ( who was back in London and thought he had got off touring) to come to Southampton in case Cha couldn't play. Come the sound check at Southampton, Cha went out to see if he could play - I seem to remember the atmosphere was really tense - anyway seemed he could still play but Adam thought Marco should join us for the rest of the dates just in case.

And so that was it! Marco was roped into playing for all the rest of the tours as well - just when he thought he had got out of it too - that's my recollection of it anyway ... but, it was a while back

Preston R Wolfman - I was in C.C. Moondog where - I don't know? But we had a great song called ‘King’s Cross Guru’ that I would love to revisit with The Wolfmen

Daniel - Me and Chris? Must have been in some strange Blues Band with a man with one testicle and a harp player with a harp-playing stutter

Phil - First gig was with both Chris and Dan, as a rhythm section. The band was Daddy Longlegs and the gig was somewhere in the Midlands (?) about 1993. Don't remember anything except scoffing Ginsters pasties on the M1. Dan was driving his beaten-up Rolls Royce at the time!

What was the first gig you attended?

Marco - Slade at wembly Arena 1973 supported by Blackfoot Sue
Chris - T.Rex in Plymouth
Preston - The Beatles pantomime at Hammersmith Odeon!
Daniel - The Bavarian Brass Band, playing the only music that would have been allowed if the British hadn't come and spoilt the party.
Phil - The Stranglers at the Dominion Theatre - early '80s. An 'Irish' stripper came on stage to 'Nice & Sleazy' - stark naked, and put her clothes on during the Moog solo

What was the first band you joined professional or non-professional

- Siouxsie And The Banshees
Chris -First school band was called Voyde !! Ha ha ha ha - then I started
playing professionally with Diz Watson 'The Boogie Woogie Man' ...
Preston - Sanctuary - was formed at my school and we were signed to Polydor - we sometimes had two drummers me and Phil Collins!!
Daniel - U.A. Sirup Hundekot Und Die Puffmutter Mit Den Dieben Sexkranken Kummerbuben US Basel- that was the name of my first professional band
Phil'Dr Sherbet & The Dangermouse Dib Dabs' - Cod psychedelia, very unprofessional. Did a cover of 'monster moronic' In A Gadda Da Vida by Iron Butterfly.

What was the first Wolfmen tune Marco and Chris wrote together (released or unreleased), and have you played it live

- I think it was Kama Sutra and I think we've played it live
Chris - Kama Sutra, I think we have played it live ? One of the other guys
might remember ...
Preston - ???????????????????????????? (Or was it "I Was A Teenage Cocksucker?).

What was the first cover the band chose or worked on (again released or unreleased)

- Needles In The Camel's Eye
Chris - Needles In The Camel's Eye
Preston - ??????????????????????????? (Or was it "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep? Actually I just heard Chris singing it in my head, and it could work in a weird way!).
Daniel - NeedleS in the camel's eye

Was there a single, album or artist that inspired you to pick up an
instrument and play..

- Ziggy Stardust
Chris - T.Rex and Jimi
Preston - All the music I ever had heard! Particularly Hendrix
Daniel - The Beatles and Tony Williams ( drummer of Miles Davies)
Phil - Top of the Pops in the early '70s -Glam Rock - probably Slade or T.Rex

And, being given it's very first spin in the Blogosphere.. the demo of the first track written by The Wolfmen .....

Kama Sutra (demo)

So don't forget to check back boys, girls - bloggers and bloggettes and start putting those wolf whispers around the web...


  1. The blog is looking really cool. I look forward to checking out and learning more about the band. Cheers!

  2. Sorry about the prev multiple entries! (had a bit of trouble?)

    Looking forward to hearing more about you guys.
    I love your stuff on MySpace...

  3. just stumbled across all this... was/still a big ants fan .. loving the wolfmen vibe too just had a listen on myspace sounds like i'll be coming back real soon...

    how long have you guys been together? have i missed much material? where can i buy stuff?

    wats ur favorite cheese? lol



  4. Thanks all - and check back for 'big screen' news later in the week

  5. Great first post, and some interesting tit-bits for the lads too. KS demo is a winner, one of my favourite tracks too....

    Talking of KS, Marco gave me his own personal copy of the 7" other week, when i ordered it on the website and they ran out... Still feel guilty about it! Cant play it without picturing a glum lookin Marco looking at the space in his record collection where it use ta be (HA HA!). Cheers for that tho Marco...


  6. First gig attended - The Beatles ? How OLD are you cats ?

  7. Age is in the mind.....

    Big Ants fan way back when.

    Good luck chaps. Enjoyed the demo bigtime.

    Came here from Further on with his guitar where you had apparently been lurking. Can't beat a bit of good lurking.

    Think I'll linky thingy you. A few of my blogmates will like this stuff.

  8. P - You haven't Ebayed it have you?

    Heff - that will have to remain one of The Untold Legends Of The Wolfmen...

    Thanks Preacher - go on get those wolf-whispers spinning

  9. Wolfie - nah, wouldn't dream of offing it after such a kind gesture from Marco..... why how much you offering??!!! JOKE!


  10. Demo sounds great. Checked out the Youtube page and I'm liking what I'm hearing. Very much so. I'll be scouring Amazon for your wares soon enough.

    Blog looks great as well. Can't beat classic black.

    Looking forward to album release and possible U.S. tour info.


  11. Loved this interview - it's a good insight into the beginings of this band. Well done everyone!

  12. AS one of the erstwhile members of VOYDE, Chris' first non-professional band., I can attest thatwe weren't quite ready for 'primetime' back in 1975 but we were legends in our own lunchtime and even though I quit the band over 'musical differences' to wallow in folk-gospel-pop obscurity, Chirs and I are still buddies and laugh about the days of jamming at the Strathmore Hotel!

  13. In your site lot of update we can get and all can understand easily and good one also...I like very much thanks for sharing this articles.


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