Monday, June 28, 2010

July 20 - One New Single In Five New Flavours

Exactly three weeks from today, a new single from The Wolfmen will be with us - July 20 - the second single from the second album, Married to the Eiffel Tower.

You may remember mover, groover, shaker and film-maker Don Letts was the first to pick up on the pop potential of this tune playlisting it on his radio show. July 20 is a peachy, perfect scoop of summer pop - hot like a heatwave and sultry like a summer. Expect The Wolfmen's signature sound and wall of wallop with added Beach Boys style layers, flavours and honeycomb harmonies. A special guest stars involved with this summertime special is The Dandy Warhols Courtney Taylor-Taylor on remixer duties.

July 20 is released on July the 19th and available in five distinctive mixes - a handful of which are now live on The Wolfmen's myspace page - so why not hoof on over and taste-test a selection.

So what's the significance of the date July 20? More on that later. Of the five mixes that will be flying out from the 19th - today we'll fire up the take from long-term Wolfmen collaborator Steve Musters..

The Wolfmen July 20 (Steve Muster's Mix)

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Wolfmen's World Cup Anthem.

Getting into the whirl of World Cup mania, did you know The Wolfmen field a selection of international players - Italian, Greek, Austration and American are all represented in the group lineup.

And how about this Wolfmen walloper for the 2014 World Cup anthem? If you fancy a grabbing a copy you'll find Room 103 on the B-side of Wak That Bass

Monday, June 7, 2010

Do Elephants Pray - Director's Cut

Remember how we promised a taste test of The Wolfmen's contribution to Paul Hill's multi-award winning movie Do Elephants Pray?

True to our word, here unwrapped for the first time, is the world exclusive of Nothing Else Matters - a bespoke piece created for Do Elephants Pray's heady, closing moments. It's a track featuring the full Wolfmen line up with Chris doubling up on flute and bass.

As a bonus feature why not beam yourself here - to get inside the mind of director Paul Hills' when he takes a trip to The Wolfmen's lair for the recording session of Nothing Else Matters, and Pete Stevenson's explosive enthusiam for the band goes into overdrive.

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