Monday, June 20, 2011

The Wolfmen: live album launch at the 100 Club

What are you doing on the Thursday the 14th July? Whatever it is, put a line through it and hoof yourself along to the 100 Club as The Wolfmen rip the wrappers of their minty new album Married to the Eiffel Tower- with a prestige gig bought to you by the good people at Vive Le Rock magazine. Silvery, special guests, exclusive tunes and limited edition goodies and signed editions of the album are promised for this glittering night of glam garage anthems and black leather beats.

If you can't get to the gig (tut, tut) - console yourself that Married to the Eiffel Tower, will be available from August, and comes locked and loaded with a fistful of fruity new wolf-tunes, a haunting guest vocal from Sinéad O'Connor, a long lost Velvets rarity and an assortment of frisky remixes from Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Jacob Portrait.

So, find yourself a marker pen, and draw a big red ring around the July 14th - when The Wolfmen storm the 100 Club..

Dates, details and dialogue on this and all Wolfmen despatches are available on the official website and Facebook page – including a strictly limited offer available only to the first 100 ticket buyers..

The Wolfmen's offical website
The official Facebook page
That limited ticket offer

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