Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wolfmen International

Just in case you may have missed them, some very postive ravings and wolf-whispers have working their way around the web..

Bobby Friction (pictured stage left above) has been keeping George Lamb's seat warm on the 6 Music breakfast Show this week, and spinning 'Thieves and Liars' (a Daler Mehndi & the Wolfmen collab').

Bobby has previous form in bigging up the Wolfies on his shows...
" The Wolfmen have got pedigree, a full-on pedigree. I’ve been playing them on Radio 1 but – you know what? – f*** pedigree, they’re an amazing band and they’re going to take you somewhere else musically..."

While the good people at American Label Burning Sky Records have been spreading the Word of The Wolf

UK superband The Wolfmen’s amazing cover of Brian Eno’s 1973 glam classic “Needles In The Camel’s Eye” is going to appear on our upcoming release Take Refuge In Pleasure: The Songs of Roxy Music Revisited as one of our “Roxy Progeny Revisited” Bonus Tracks. It is a fabulous cover of a fabulous song.

The Wolfmen have also created a stellar video to go with the song - Identifying the references you may recognize is fun in and of itself, and the whole effect is really rather staggering. You have to check it out!

And if you happen to be one of our inter-continental readers based in South America Modernity Killed Every Night is now available in your corner of the 'globo'


  1. Sorry Deej - deleted your comment by mistake, any chance of a re-submission

  2. References to what?

  3. What's the situation regarding Thieves and Liars?


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