Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tooty Fluty - July 20 Limited Edition Mix

It's buoyant, bouncy and springs along with the swing of a summer breeze. What are you creaking on about - they chorused.

Chris Constantinou's limited edition mix of July 20 of course!

The Wolfmen - July 20 (CC's Canned Heat Summer Flute Mix)

If you were lucky enough to be at the Dandy Warhol's recent London date, you'd have seen Chris appearing as a special wolf-guest adding some fluty toots to the Dandy's boho-beats on Lou Weed.

Don't forget wolf cubs the original July 20 is buyable right here at iTunes

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio? Northfork Sound do

The aristocrats of the airwaves: those heavyweight DJs with impeccable credentials, impossible record collections and the keenest of ears have tuned into the sugary goodness of The Wolfmen's new sing July 20 playing - and repeat playing the track.

In the UK, life-long broadcasting legends Don Letts and Gary Crowley have both found a place in their hearts and playlists for July 20. While in the US, music biz blue-blood Howard Thompson has hand-picked a selection of Wolfmen wallopers for regular rotation on his Northfork Sound show.

Howard's three hour DJ jam broadcast's live on Fridays from 12 - 3 pm (5 - 8 UK time) so retune your radios to WPKN (or listen live here). Cranking out cool, cult and classic rock and roll cuts - it's the radio equivalent of CBGB's and somewhere your sure to spot The Wolfmen.

And be sure to check out Howard's North Fork blog for track-listings, listener favourites and the Legend Of The Month feature.

You can read how Howard's history inter-weaves with The Wolfmen here at The Family of Noise
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