Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wolf Wide Web

Glowing web-whispers, internet interest and reviews for Jackie, is It My Birthday? continue to reverbarate around the interweb's hottest music sites.

Ataricoolkids 'The MTV of Blogs' - pitches in with a piece here

While Altsounds.com Describes Jackie as 'a spine- tingling duet' and 'the biggest, grittiest ballad you'll hear this year' along with some comments from Courtney Taylor-Taylor on The Wolfmen's output and influence - you can check the full feature here

And have you ever wondered why the name The Wolfmen was chosen (or what the alternatives were)? How about strange venues? What would they ask themselves in an interview? All this and more is revealed over at The Devil Has The Best Tuna

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fiends Reunited

When The Wolfman met The Banshee.

Almost 33 years to the day that Siouxsie and Marco played the 100 Club Punk Festival together (September 20th 1976) debuting the earliest incarnation of Siouxsie and The Banshees - a line-up that also included Sid Vicous on drums - Siouxsie and Marco were reunited at London Fashion Week..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There's A New Sensation

It's no secret that The Wolfmen are lifelong fans of the uber-cool, endlessly influential Roxy Music - see here for Marco's Roxy related tale (he's even got a Phil Manzanera style Firebird stashed in the collection you know).

Typically Roxy rarely get the credit they deserve for their huge musical impact and influence - which stretches from proto-punks to eighties icons and Eno's work with Bowie and U2. But the balance is tipped in the correct direction with release of Take Refuge In Pleasure: The Songs of Roxy Music Revisited

Take Refuge In Pleasure collects together a catwalk quality set of cover versions from a rocking role call of acts and artists giving classic Roxy material a bespoke makeover and re-tailoring tunes to fit as slinkily as an Antony Price suit. Strutting and striding amongst the remake remodels you'll find The Wolfmen's heavy-level take of Eno's Needles In The Camel's Eye.

Brought to you by Burning Sky Records Take Refuge In Pleasure comes in two versions. The single disc release - or the 3-disc, strictly limited Deluxe & Delightful Edition!

You can get your well manicured hands on both versions here

Monday, September 14, 2009

Don Letts Digs The Wolfmen

Old punks don't die - they just get cooler. Take John Cale, the New York Dolls or Don Letts, legendary author, film-maker, musician, DJ and now resident of BBC Six Music with his own Saturday night shindig - Culture Clash Radio

Let's make this clear Don Letts has pedigree. Originally, resident DJ at the infamous hangout 'The Roxy' where he turned punky young raggamuffins onto reggae and roots rockers. The former writing partner of Mick Jones in Big Audio Dynamite - knows how to turn a tune and maintains a refined ear for what rocks, rolls and rumbles.

So what made Don's most recent Culture Clash crate-digging playlist? A previously unheard cut from The Wolfmen titled July 20, a track taken from the upcoming album Married To The Eiffel Tower.

Believe us - July 20 is a scorcher of a summer sounding rock-pop nugget. Like the Velvet Underground bootleg remixed with the Beach Boys to make a space age sci-fi surf tune.

Turn on, tune in and bliss out here - July 20 is at 23:39

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is Jackie The Ghost of Christmas Future ?

And yet another sighting/airing of the The Wolfmen and Jackie, Is It My Birthday? on BBC six music - this time on the Chris Hawkins Show - Chris touched on a subject that's been batting about at Wolfmen Central for a while now

Should 'Jackie' be released as a Christmas single?

All the codes and conventions would seem to be in place: the arpeggios chiming like church bells, Sinead's saintly vocals - the swirling snow flurry of the backwards riffing, and lyrical references to angels

For a refresher have a listen here

And then decide what do you think - would Jackie make a Christmas cracker of a single? The vote button's on the side bar - let us know by registering your vote..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jackie's Got Six Appeal

Jackie, Is It My Birthday? has been spun up on BBC 6 music again, this time on girl-about-the-arts Lauren Laverne's Saturday show. So what does the lovely Lauren think of Jackie? She "loves it" apparently - describing Jackie as "amazing", "cracking" and also seems heavily impressed with rocking roll call featured on the single - Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Sinéad O'Connor, and of course Marco and Chris.

But don't just take our word for it - tune in here at 53.24 to experience the full feature..

You can grab Jackie, Is It My Birthday? via iTunes by clicking on the pic below...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

With The Radio On

New music from The Wolfmen continues to pick up plays from all around the airwaves.

Further to the new single Jackie Is It My Birthday? being playlisted on the Bob Fisher (BBC Tees), Gary Crowly (BBC London) and Gideon Coe (BBC 6 Music) shows. The soon-to-be released second single Cat Green Eyes made an appearance during David Quantick's recent spell filling in for Liz Kershaw on (BBC 6 Music) - during an interview with Marco and Chris on BBC 6 Music..

Whereas Jackie is an almost other-worldy duet - Cat Green Eyes is a slinking, walloping wall of sound that swishes, stomps and stamps like a champ, heavy with the hooks and harmonies of top quality pop. Imagine Slade going toe-to-toe with The Supremes in whirling swirl of feedback and flutes and you're getting close. Cat Green Eyes should be scheduled for an October release (production and remixing allowing) - however speed your way to the BBC iPlayer, and a preview play is available here until this coming Saturday - You'll find the interview starting at 1 hour 37 mins.
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