Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 20 the New Single is Out Now

Its a triple whammy of treats on the Bocca blog today - celebrating the release and red carpet arrival of minty new single July 20 - coming at you in a fistful of five mixes. So what's on the menu?

An exclusive interview The Dandy Warhols Courtney Taylor-Taylor
who has post produced and mixed The Wolfmen's new Album ' Married to The Eiffel Tower '

Two mixes by Courtney of July 20 one he did with Jacob Portrait and the other with Jeremy Sherrer.

A preview of the follow up single ' Cat Green Eyes ' .

Bocca Di Lupo speaks to Courtney Taylor-Taylor

What vibe were after with the July 20 remixes - one with Jacob and the other with Jeremy - were there any influences or source material you used for reference?
With Jake we referenced "Never Met a Girl Like You Before" by that cat from Orange Juice. With Jeremy we referenced that Stranglers tune with the harpsichord (Golden Brown) that got so big again a few years back. Ultimately though, once ya get into a mix it doesn't really help listening to anything else. We only listen for fun at the beginning. Once you start a mix in earnest you're on your own.

Will you be producing/remixing any other Wolfmen tunes
Oh I'm sure I probably will. They know they can count on me and my guys to churn out cool stuff and since I don't have to pay for studio time at the Odditorium it saves them a lot of heartache as well as money.

July 20 is a birthday shared by you and Chris - are you typical Cancerians
Yeah I think we are. I know that I am fer sure. Very homebody. I'm obsessive about my interiors and they are not only spectacular but ergonomically borderline genius. They have to be, what with me having such a low tolerance for wasted time/space/energy. Another cliché' is being hard, cold and business-like on the outside but a Mr. Snugglycuddlyman on the inside. That pretty much describes my days to a T.

What’s been your wildest or most memorable birthday
Oh I really think that more amazing than all the sex drugs rock n roll birthdays that I can't quite remember was the fifty foot slip-n-slide on the hill behind my house for my birthday last year. All the booze and chemicals and partying in the world, all the drunk driving and sad lonely endings only happened because there wasn't a fifty footer in the back yard.

Are there any plans for a Dandy Wolfmen team-up? What cover would you use as an ice-breaker at a both band-jam
An icebreaker jam has to just sort of "happen" but if I were to script it into the
movie I'd have it be "Suffragette City"(sp) or "Bela Lugosi's Dead".

Have you managed to see any gems from Marco's legendary guitar collection.
Nope. Not seen Marco's guitars.

A big thank you is due to Courtney and Jo Ryan for making this interview happen

July 20 The Birthday Mix (Courtney-Taylor-Taylor & Jeremy Sherrer)

You can buy all five mixes of July 20 over at The Wolfmen's iTunes store - right here

Cat Green Eyes - due soon

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Place your pre-orders for the new single here..

With less than two weeks to go until The Wolfmen's minty new tune July 20 is officially released - why not get ahead of the game by placing an advance order.

It's dead simple. Just click here to pre-order July 20 at iTunes.

Oh, and did we reveal the secret behind the title/date yet? Here's a clue: birthdays

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tibet Film Festival and Wolfmen Team-Up

The Tibet Film Festival pitches up in London today, running until the end of July, before taking a tour around the UK.

Films, readings and occasionally live music performances (more on that later) will be hosted at select venues across the UK’s capitol city including the ICA, Riverside Studios, Roxy Bar & Screen and Ritzy Picturehouse

What can you expect on the menu? New films themed around twin topics: environment and music - from young and emerging Tibetan, Indian and women filmmakers.

Showing at Riverside Studios on Monday the 5th is Nmgyal Lhamo’s award Paradise Lost - this powerful music video featuring Tibetan opera singer Namgyal Lhamo is full of compelling imagery and movement that stands as a metaphor for the plight of her homeland, with an unusually striking combination of traditional Tibetan music and indie rock. Music written, performed and produced by The Wolfmen

Preview screenings and introductions take place tonight at Cinephilia West (doors open 8:30) but it will be busy, so get along early.

The full festival rundown is available here – with all information, dates and details available at the Tibet Film Festival website.

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