Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Asia Major

Friend of The Wolfmen Daler Mehndi, has been bigging up the band in his blog Bollywood Bhangra King Daler Mehndi .

We may not be familiar with Daler's name or work here in the west, but in his home territory, Daler is a larger-than-life legend. A giant icon of popular music with multi-platinum album sales and a string of music awards to his name. Imagine an Elvis Presley/ Michael Jackson hybrid given a Bollywood a go-go make over and you're close to the towering scale of his stature and following.

Internationally Daler’s Hindi-Pop compositions draw a dedicated global audience, and have him regularly touring across the continents including Canada, the US and UK. Self composition, mixing and matching musical and cultural references are facets of Daler’s unique style, but his snappy fashion and eye catching oufits have also earned him Elle magazine’s "Most Stylish Person in Music" trophy

A dazzling example of Daler’s boundary-breaking, chart-topping, cross-pollinated pop is Two Eyes, a storming power house of Indie-Punk meets Hindi-Pop and a Mehndi-meets-The-Wolfmen collaboration,which, spent Four weeks at number one on the BBC Asian Network Chart. But don't just take our word for how hot Two Eyes is...

BBC Radio 1's Bobby Friction: “The greatest crossover song ever to have come out of India.”

Music Week: “The most infectious Asian crossover single since Punjabi MC’s Beware
of the Boys.”

Big Cheese: “The shape of punk to come?”

The Guardian: "Things this single could soundtrack: Delhi street gangs squaring up
and backflipping across futuristic rooftops in cyberpunk parkour; camel-riding
insurgents outrunning fighter jets, missiles and Airwolf in a desertscape; 1977 punk
rockers bogling, breakdancing and krumping in Bollywood; afterburners igniting.
Daler Mehndi is one of India's biggest musicians, the Wolfmen were once Adam's Ants,
and this fierce bhangra-rock crossover rules. Fire up!"
If you haven’t heard it yet – taste test below. But be warned it is fast, furious and fiery.

You can catch Daler's thoughts on working with The Wolfmen here - see a gallery of the get-together here

And check out the official Daler Mehndi website

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  1. Is the "Thieves and Liars" album likely to ever be coming out, or was it a one-off collaboration? (Or two-off collaboration, given the existence of the two singles, 'Two Eyes' and 'Thieves And Liars'?) The site seems to remain very unfinished.


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