Friday, May 28, 2010

Wolfmen in Award Winning Film: Do Elephants Pray?

Question? What is the connection between Dr Who, Jackie Says, Cecilie and Do Elephants Pray ? Answer:Director Paul hills

It's no overstatement to say the latest Paul Hills movie Do Elephants Pray is a critical smash-hit. The film (featuring an unreleased Wolfmen tune) has won multiple industry and festival awards and looks to be the most explosive cinematic project The Wolfmen have been involved with to date. Paul has previous history with The Wolfmen having directed videos for Jackie Says , and Cecilie - and prior to this working with Chris and Jackieonassid videos.

So what song appears on the soundtrack - a minty new tune Nothing Else Matters featuring the full band line up in a scene described as trippy and viby. We may post a snippet of the song soon, so check back.

But, while you're waiting - why not head over the official Do Elephants Dream website to have your say on poster designs. Oh, and the Dr Who connection, Paul Hills was the first to give Life on Mars and Dr Who star John Simm his break in Boston Kickout

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