Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tibet Film Festival and Wolfmen Team-Up

The Tibet Film Festival pitches up in London today, running until the end of July, before taking a tour around the UK.

Films, readings and occasionally live music performances (more on that later) will be hosted at select venues across the UK’s capitol city including the ICA, Riverside Studios, Roxy Bar & Screen and Ritzy Picturehouse

What can you expect on the menu? New films themed around twin topics: environment and music - from young and emerging Tibetan, Indian and women filmmakers.

Showing at Riverside Studios on Monday the 5th is Nmgyal Lhamo’s award Paradise Lost - this powerful music video featuring Tibetan opera singer Namgyal Lhamo is full of compelling imagery and movement that stands as a metaphor for the plight of her homeland, with an unusually striking combination of traditional Tibetan music and indie rock. Music written, performed and produced by The Wolfmen

Preview screenings and introductions take place tonight at Cinephilia West (doors open 8:30) but it will be busy, so get along early.

The full festival rundown is available here – with all information, dates and details available at the Tibet Film Festival website.

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