Friday, April 10, 2009

A Basketful Of Goodies

If you were quick enough last Christmas, you may just have managed to catch the strictly limited freebie download of Nothing To Say To You - hidden Easter Egg style on The Wolfmens website.

So as another seasonal celebration rolls around, we thought it may be an appropriate time offer up a fistful of tasty treats - perhaps other alt.mixes of 'Nothing' - like....

Nothing To Say To You (Chris Hughes Mix)

Nothing To Say To You (U2 Version)

Nothing To Say To You (Alan Moulder Mix)

Nothing To Say To You (Alt Musters Mix)


  1. Cor! Ta lads... Tip top Easter prezzie, and with far less calories too!


  2. The alt.musters mix is a bit tasty..

  3. Been playing your bloody cd constantly. The daughters playing it constantly when I'm not.

    You are about to be named in a divorce case.

    (The wifey likes it but not constantly. er...your cd I mean....)

  4. Preacherman - we'll support your cause for custody of the CD, not that your wife'll be after it (the cd I that is....)

    Must be spring in the air

  5. Very cool. Hope you had a good Easter and are enjoying your spring so far.


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