Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best Of Breed

The second 'Asian Hot Shots Berlin' festival of film and video art is underway and runs until the 18th January, with one of the entries 'Chang Yare/Paradise Lost' being soundscaped by our very own Wolfmen.

Namgyal Llhamo's music video 'Chang Yare/Paradise Lost' is just one of three tunes written, performed and produced by The Wolfies (with mixing from Steve Musters) for Namgyal's upcoming album 'Highland Supernova'..

Why not have a peep at the Namgyal's nominated film below, which also stars Hollywood tattoo artist Poh Khungsa....

You can check Namgyal's Myspace here.. - and get some info on the film right here

Closer to home - Modernity Killed Every Night has been handpicked as the album of the year for 2008 over at Start The Revolution...

*NEWS JUST IN* - you can vote online for Namgyal's entry in the 'Mixed Magazine World Music Awards' right here


  1. It looks great. Thanks for posting that. I am really enjoying this blog. Cheers!

  2. congrats on the album of the year bit.

    Due to the credit crunch I haven't a pot to piss in but as soon as I have - another bank loan but wtf? you only live once eh? ;-) I will be buying stuff.

    I keep humming Kama Sutra.

    Put a link on my bloggy 'cause I reckon my blogmates will love this stuff.

    If they don't? They're loss.


    ps dunno who Swadlincote is but they came via me. Who the hell are they????

    pps write a song against the third runway will ya? It's be big in Sipson at least ;-)

  3. It's a great piece isn't it - why not register a vote, and make it a winner -right here

    Thanks for the linky Preacher - start saving your pennies for the new album (out in May) as the recording sessions are underway.. more on that next week...


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