Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cecilie Makes The A-List

They are a sharp-eyed, keen-eared crowd over at the NME - the same NME as name checked in the Pistol's 'Anarchy In The UK' - with a pedigree of scouting and touting happening acts and hot tunes.

Top news then, that The Wolfmen's Cecilie has been A-listed for this week's NME Radio playlist.. you can tune in, check it out and lend an ear right here.

And click here to get your paws on a copy of the single (or via iTunes if you prefer)

So what is 'Cecile's' story?

Chris Constantinou

This is obviously a love song! and I got a chance to play flute on it too which was fun. We were trying to get the feel of 'Crosstown Traffic' on the chorus riff so I used a kazoo along with some distorted high vox doubling the guitar riff. Groove-wise we were trying to get 'Crosstown Traffic' and 'Fool's Gold' ... probably came out nothing like that, but I really like this song a lot.

If you haven't seen the Stephen Pook edited video have a peep below....

The Making of Cecilie Video


  1. bloody love that sleeve

  2. That's a really good song and video. I love it.

  3. There's an alt.vid too - the Paul Hill's edit with cameos from Britain's Next Top Model!

    The Wolfmen - Cecilie (Hills/Richards Edit)

  4. It's a cracker chaps! Roll on payday!! ;-)

  5. sharp-eyed and keen-eared maybe, but they took their time to pick up on that little gem didn't they??! (SHIT! has anyone told em the Beatles have split??!)


  6. Hey from Toronto. Preacherman sent me. cheers.

  7. I have to go to bed - I'll be back.

  8. I kinda stumbled on this site through Rave and Roll I will bookmark it and check you guys out more soon...

    ...and of course you just might see a post all about you very soon!

  9. Thanks bloggers and bloggettes glad Cecile's rocking your boots


  11. Interesting! I liked the music and the flute. I don't think it needs all that ----(rude word)


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