Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SOCs & Drums & Rock and Roll

This week sees The Wolfmen locked in their lair - holed up, heads down and working on one full albums worth of new tunes - tunes that won't be appearing on the upcoming Eiffel release.

Right now, some Wolfman muscle is being added to a new recording for a mystery artist, an established international performer you will know, and one who has three albums worth of previous form with one of The Wolfmen

It's all a bit hush-hush at the mo' - but any guesses who it might be???

On a similar motif, here's another example of beauty and the beasts by way of The Wolfmen's soundtracking of this Kate Moss Ad'....

The inspiration behind 'Buzz Me Kate'


  1. Sinéad O'Connor?

  2. Is it Sinead O'Connor??

  3. Would it be an Ant by any chance or am I way off the mark?

  4. Bang on Anon 5:45 and Anon 720 - it is Sinead - full wolf marks.

    Longy - 'fraid not. The Clue was in the title 'SOC'.

  5. Yes I've just read it on a well known Punk Rock message board. Too dopey to read the title of this thread : - 0 )

  6. that sounds interesting... the wolfmen are great at trading that line between their own stuff and working with others... i mean the colaboration with Daler Mehndi was genius. Look forward to hearing more...


  7. I'm interested in who it is.

  8. Thank the lord it's not Adam Ant...


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