Monday, February 23, 2009

Wak This Space

One month from today 23rd March - sees the release of The Wolfmen's walloping new single Wak This Bass. It's the first release of 2009, and the favoured place to get your paws on the good stuff is....

The Wolfmen's online shop...

Wak This Bass is available as a Digital Download, CD single or 7" vinyl. Double A-sided with Cecilie, all formats are backed with two new tunes Lola and Room 103 (a track packed with a chorus catchier than bird flu). You may possibly have caught a sneaky peek of 103, during it's early doors appearance soundtracking this Heineken Ad'...

But the question is do The Wolfmen have anyone in mind, that needs a 'Wakking' ?

The lyrics were inspired by some bullish bossy type who was driving me f***ing mad !! Ha ha ha - I love the vibe of this one - and it's so good to play live. The harp solo - was inspired by'Groovin' With Mr. Bloe' . We recorded this live at Raezor and Steve Musters mixed it, with some great drumming by swizzy.

And if you haven't heard Wak That Bass - you can taste test a minute and a bit below..

Wolf-Fact:The cover of Wak is lifted from the April 1980 edition of New Statesmen, starring Wolfman Chris


  1. so did anyone win that comp then?? Must admit I never got it, my memory for covers of 29 year old music papers must be fading ;-)

    WTB sounds like another sure fire winner.


  2. I can think of some people I wish would take a walking.

  3. Hi, moving to greet and also to invite you to pass and see my blog to see if you find something you like and if you like to exchange links, a sort dendrites of the light or anything I would say, je.
    Cheers and until next time.

  4. Hello, Foghat if that is the same in the game, you're linked too,


  5. P the results have just been anounced on The Wolfmen's myspace blog

    Keith - Yes Everyone must have a little black book

    Nokenicus - thanks for the hook-up

  6. I know a few who need it. I'll send you the list - how much you charging then? ;-)

    Just received Cecille in't post. Ta lads. The daughter loves it too!!!!!

  7. Preacherman - you're a star...

    Your daughter may enjoy something Kate Moss related possibly getting logged in the blog this week too


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