Friday, March 13, 2009

Through A Glass Darkly

Remember a couple of weeks back we gave you an early doors tip off about The Wolfmen's cover of a long lost Velvet's track..

Well - here for you ears and eyes are a couple of work-in-progress clips of 'I'm Not A Young Man Anymore' being recorded at the Wolf's Lair.

It comes in two flavours.....



  1. I like both those clips. Hope you have a great weekend. Cheers!

  2. nice one - look forward to hearing the finished cut

  3. Sounds cool. Before today I have never heard that Velvet Underground song. Thanks for the kind words about my Stray Cats post.

    I also listened to some of your guys songs via your myspace - on my radio show next Tuesday I think i'll play a Wolfman track.

  4. Thanks for the feedback all - don't forget to check back for more clips from Channel W.L.F...

    Dave that would be fantastic, drop a line to if you need any more info or audio


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