Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Velvets Meet The Wolfmen Uptown

Marco's "Velvet Underground tribute band" set-up

Thursday and Friday of last week saw The wolfmen recording their version of one of the Velvet Underground's most obscure songs, 'I'm Not A Young Man Anymore',which was never officially recorded, and only appears on various bootlegs from the late 60s. It gave everyone an excuse to wear black Levi jackets and wraparound shades - and for Marco to stand in front of a 60s Fender amp with a Gretsch Country Gentleman and do loads of feedback for three hours. Just like Uncle Lou used to back in the day.

The surviving members of the Velvet underground are said to be "deeply honored" and can't believe that, their favorite band of all time, The Wolfmen are covering one of their little ditties, and are expecting to make trillions of dollars in publishing royalties off this one track. (We made that last bit up actually)


  1. What's the name of the trib' band - Velvet Undergrowl!

  2. I like that. Velvet Undergrowl. :-)

    I had never really heard this song before. I'm sure your cover of it will be awesome though.

  3. lookin forward to hearing the wolfies version. Whats the recording for? the new album or somat else?


  4. It's for the New Album Piley ... should be mixing it next week...


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