Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is Jackie The Ghost of Christmas Future ?

And yet another sighting/airing of the The Wolfmen and Jackie, Is It My Birthday? on BBC six music - this time on the Chris Hawkins Show - Chris touched on a subject that's been batting about at Wolfmen Central for a while now

Should 'Jackie' be released as a Christmas single?

All the codes and conventions would seem to be in place: the arpeggios chiming like church bells, Sinead's saintly vocals - the swirling snow flurry of the backwards riffing, and lyrical references to angels

For a refresher have a listen here

And then decide what do you think - would Jackie make a Christmas cracker of a single? The vote button's on the side bar - let us know by registering your vote..


  1. What a fantastic sound; I luv it…
    (I’m putting it on my Xmas list!)

  2. the perfect gift for all! I'm for it!

  3. im already walking in the air ... sounds like a plan to me........

  4. only if Marco dresses as scary Santa

  5. Very melodic and other worldly - perfect as a post-modern Christmas tune.

  6. Really great :D

    And your blog name is awesome


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