Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There's A New Sensation

It's no secret that The Wolfmen are lifelong fans of the uber-cool, endlessly influential Roxy Music - see here for Marco's Roxy related tale (he's even got a Phil Manzanera style Firebird stashed in the collection you know).

Typically Roxy rarely get the credit they deserve for their huge musical impact and influence - which stretches from proto-punks to eighties icons and Eno's work with Bowie and U2. But the balance is tipped in the correct direction with release of Take Refuge In Pleasure: The Songs of Roxy Music Revisited

Take Refuge In Pleasure collects together a catwalk quality set of cover versions from a rocking role call of acts and artists giving classic Roxy material a bespoke makeover and re-tailoring tunes to fit as slinkily as an Antony Price suit. Strutting and striding amongst the remake remodels you'll find The Wolfmen's heavy-level take of Eno's Needles In The Camel's Eye.

Brought to you by Burning Sky Records Take Refuge In Pleasure comes in two versions. The single disc release - or the 3-disc, strictly limited Deluxe & Delightful Edition!

You can get your well manicured hands on both versions here

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