Monday, September 14, 2009

Don Letts Digs The Wolfmen

Old punks don't die - they just get cooler. Take John Cale, the New York Dolls or Don Letts, legendary author, film-maker, musician, DJ and now resident of BBC Six Music with his own Saturday night shindig - Culture Clash Radio

Let's make this clear Don Letts has pedigree. Originally, resident DJ at the infamous hangout 'The Roxy' where he turned punky young raggamuffins onto reggae and roots rockers. The former writing partner of Mick Jones in Big Audio Dynamite - knows how to turn a tune and maintains a refined ear for what rocks, rolls and rumbles.

So what made Don's most recent Culture Clash crate-digging playlist? A previously unheard cut from The Wolfmen titled July 20, a track taken from the upcoming album Married To The Eiffel Tower.

Believe us - July 20 is a scorcher of a summer sounding rock-pop nugget. Like the Velvet Underground bootleg remixed with the Beach Boys to make a space age sci-fi surf tune.

Turn on, tune in and bliss out here - July 20 is at 23:39


  1. stop teasing us guys!!! When is this little beauty of an album gonna be ready? when can i get my mitts on it??!! Why should Don Letts have all the fun??!!! ;-)


  2. When does it come out? I'd love to hear it/give it some airplay.


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