Friday, February 6, 2009

The Wolfmen's Jukebox Presents....Re-Riff/Re-Model

It's another hand-picked-classic from The Wolfmen's boom-box, as Marco owns up to some light-fingered pop lifting

Eagle-eared Wolfmen fans (and Chris) should be able to spot this week's bit of thievery - it's Bryan Ferry's '75 cover of The Everly Brother's 'The Price of Love'.

The great Chris Spedding's guitar riff somehow ended up on 'Jackie Says' (dunno how that happened on my life constable - honest!). The Spanish trumpet and twangy guitar intro also influenced the Start of Adam Ants 'Friend or Foe' - another caper I had nothing to do with - swear on my life etc etc... The Everly's version was produced by Chet Atkins, who also added a swampy version of the riff to their track.

The Ferry version, features Chris Spedding, Roxy Music's Eddie Jobson and Roxy Drummer Paul Thompson. It appears on the 'Let's Stick Together' E.P, which also has two other songs on it, the names of which I've forgotten as I never liked them. Chis Spedding's another hero of mine. I had the same SEX shop hi-heeled boots as him, and his guitar playing sounds like a black Cuban heeled, elastic-sided winkle-picker - if you could plug one into an amp that is - which you can't.I know, coz Iv'e tried.

If Yves Saint Laurent and Link Wray had ever formed a band together, they might sound something like this...


  1. That was amazing! Wow. I really loved that. I'm going to listen to it again. That's right up the alley of so much of what I listen to. I always liked Bryan Ferry. Thanks for posting that.

  2. Still got my vinyl. Bit scratched right at the start but still very playable.

    Shame Shame Shame, Heart On My Sleeve (which I quite like) and It's Only Love

    First time I heard Friend or Foe on the radio I thought it was the Ferry song coming on. Can't think why.... ;-)

  3. Shame, Shame, Shame was one of the first tunes I practised soloing over. Spedding is ledge with his Pistols, Roxy and Ferry connections..

    PS - love the Roxy reworks, on the Let's Stick Together album..

  4. top choice marco! funny ive been revisiting all this stuff ... as i picked an old VW with a tape deck still in it and rather than update, i dragged all my cassettes out of the loft and went time warp instead (cant get in my old leather tho...) so im all over roxy, cramps (rip), king kurt, dr feelgood, bauhaus, and of course the ants at the moment and lovin every minute!

  5. I kinda dig that tune. It's got a groove you can get in to once you've had a few.

  6. Always loved 'The Price of Love' - Roxy and the Everleys. Used ta be a two bit local goth band round my parts who did it as a cover too ;-)



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