Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Wolfmen's Jukebox Presents....Dirty Dancing

Well wolf-cubs continuing this week's steamy theme - here's a funky number from the Wolfmen's boom-box, as Drummer Daniel tells us when (and where) he caught his first dose of the disco get the full flavour of this juicy tale it's best to be familiar Daniel's accent...

I mean just listen to the first few bars; I do not know how they got this groove down, absolutely fabulous players on that track - I am not going to go into all the technical or personnel details of the recording (see this instead), but I will tell you my experiences with this track.The drum playing is some of the very best you will ever hear, the finest,purest disco drumming.

The first time I heard it I was just coming back from confession and I passed a record shop as this was blasting out.My hips started to move in marriage-simulating movements, backwards and forwards. I felt that beat in my young groin and temptation rose and it rose.I got so excited that the girl behind the record shop counter noticed. There was this barely 13 year old boy standing there and his trousers, probably for the first time of many times to come in public, started to become tighter and tighter.

She asked me in with a slight movement of her eyes.I am not joking, but she took me then and there, behind the counter and for the first time I knew what the priest meant all these years when saying: "Do it, then repent!"

Ever since that time whenever I hear this track I am thinking of my Catholic upbringing and I thank fate for throwing me into Catholic surroundings to spend my childhood in. Because nowhere is sin more welcomed than there, for repenting is soooo good.

Often I must contain myself when hearing this track in public because since the taboo has been lifted even men, usually men with beards and hairy chests, start dancing with me in the streets often causing havoc to the traffic.

Just the other day on our way to the studio I played Marco this track and he started to wiggle his feet and very smoothly moved around in the car seat, so called car-seat-dancing.

Listen to it and let it take you there....


  1. I always loved this song. My parents had this record when I was a young kid. Love your write-up on your first experience hearing this. Very cool.

  2. Oh God!!!!! I can't get John Travolta in that bloody white suit out of my head now!!!!

  3. Wow! You Guy’s are posting some Saucy stuff this week...

    Iconic Tune!
    (I luv the Bee Gees.)


  5. Love the Sound on Sound article - here's a vid on how to that Bee Gees vocal tone

  6. looking forward to hearing the Wolfmen do their own special cover of that one!


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