Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Radio Wolfmen

It's all sounding wolfishly good over at NME Radio...

As well as Cecilie being the subject of some heavy rotation on the NME's Skins Radio (a tie in with the super-trendy C4 programme), this coming Thursday (5th of Feb) sees The Wolfmen appearing on Neil Cole's show (from 11:30 am UK time) for a live interview, which you can catch by redirecting your dials right here...

But for now, let's have another listen to the tune that's getting all the good reports - well, an alt.non-album-version, mixed by Steve Musters and taken from the Limited Edition EP..


Or perhaps a peep at the Hills/Richards Edit of the video


  1. it's always been a great track, both versions are cracking.

    Lets hope this exposure leads to people discovering more top toons for the lads.


  2. bought Cecille one step ahead of the bailiffs....;-)

  3. Well it should get a spin up on Neil Coles show today P

    Preacher you're a star and your support is always welcome

    PS there are whispers of an acoustic version doing the rounds somewhere - keep 'em peeled wolf-cubs.


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